Parishioner Story

2019 Pledge Testimonial

Would you join me in a breath and a sigh?  [all do so]
And in a breath with a roar! [all do so]
And, with a hand on your heart if you wish, a breath with a long ‘yummy yumm’. [all do so].  Thank you.

We … read more.

2019 Pledge Testimonial

Sixty years ago this year, emulating Ralph Waldo Emerson, I drove out Route 2 from Cambridge to begin my teaching career at the Peter Bulkley Junior High School on Stow Street. Peter Bulkley was the first minister of First Parish, then more a Calvinist den … read more.

2016 Pledge Testimonial

Good Morning. My name is Toby Smith Ropeik.

When I first walked into First Parish, 23 years ago, I admit, I came as a skeptic, having been areligious for 25 years. Well, I felt more at home that first Sunday, than at any other religious place … read more.

2016 Pledge Testimonial

Like some of you, I’ve spent a lot of my life uncomfortable with organized religion and the idea of “church.”

It started in my second grade Congregational Sunday School when the lesson centered on Christ’s infallibility. I asked a logical question: Didn’t Jesus ever spill his … read more.

2016 Pledge Testimonial

My family and I found First Parish while church shopping almost 6 years ago. I was raised in a church, and although my feelings about it were a bit complicated, I knew that I wanted my children to have a spiritual home. I wanted my … read more.

2016 Pledge Testimonial

We came to First Parish 20 years ago, after “sampling” UU churches around Middlesex County. In fact, we moved to Concord because of First Parish. We found a home here, before we found a house in Concord.

From our earliest days here, we loved hearing the … read more.

I Belong – 2015 Pledge Testimonial

I grew up here in Concord, on Elm St, across from Trinity Episcopal Church. My family was staunchly atheist. So I would watch with curiosity as my neighbors filed into church every Sunday morning and I wondered what the heck they did in there.

I left … read more.