About ELT/Green Sanctuary

First Parish has been accredited as a Green Sanctuary congregation by the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) since 2009. We are currently applying for reaccreditation, which requires ideas and support from the whole congregation.

The Seventh Principle of our UU faith affirms our “respect for the interdependent web of existence, of which we are a part.” The Environmental Leadership Team (“ELT”) provides leadership for First Parish in translating this principle into individual and community action. The ELT is advisory in nature and is available to assist congregants, committees and affiliates of First Parish as we all create a more sustainable world. We welcome new members, ideas and inquiries.

ELT members: Peter Lowitt (Chair), Bob Andrews, Berni Jenkins, Mike Jacobs, Bob Van Dyke, Topher Buck, Debbie Barr and more. For information contact Peter Lowitt.


Fifty solar panels are installed on the roof, providing sustainable electricity and lowered costs for the next 20 plus years!

Green Sanctuary reaccreditation is due in 2016. We earn accreditation together as a community! See below for details about our Reaccreditation Efforts.


On June 14, 2009 the congregation of this church formally voted to act as a UUA Green Sanctuary and adopted the following statement:

“First Parish in Concord pledges our personal and congregational commitment to live and act as a Green Sanctuary: 1) to incorporate the Seventh Principle values and practices into our worship services, celebrations, religious education programs, church operations, and personal lives; 2) to live lightly on the Earth and strive to continually improve our environmental impact; 3) to affirm and promote programs to raise awareness of human behaviors that affect the health and sustainability of the living Earth.”

Reaccreditation Efforts

The Environmental Leadership Team (ELT) of First Parish is beginning the UUA’s Green Sanctuary reaccreditation process, which is required every four to five years. As part of this process, the ELT team will work with the First Parish staff and congregation to assess how and how well we have met the goals of our Green Sanctuary program. We will then focus on developing a new action plan to build upon, and perhaps go beyond, our previous achievements. This requires concrete plans for each of the following areas:

  • Sustainable living (two projects): How do we, as a congregation, consider our impact on the environment and all living beings, current and future, in all of our congregational activities?
  • Worship and Celebration: Are environmental topics and themes consistently and repeatedly incorporated into our Sunday morning services?
  • Religious Education: What are our children learning about how to value, protect , and preserve the natural environment?
  • Environmental Justice: How do we reach out into the world to advocate for a fair and equitable approach to protecting the environment?

The UUA reaccreditation process calls for the ELT to seek input from the congregation to generate these projects; solicit feedback on them from UUA’s Green Sanctuary Review Team; revise the plan based on this input; complete the required on-line forms in order to get formal reaccreditation status; and then celebrate the occasion with the Congregation.

You can find out more about the UUA Green Sanctuary Program here.

Information for all:

Hosting an event? Here are tips from the ELT on how to make that event/meeting more sustainable.

Energy Audits

  • Energy_Audit_Initiative.doc
  • Energy_Audits_Completed_II.doc – an Energy Audit Information Contact List

Mindful Eating

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  • Trader_Joes_vegan_shopping_3_7_11.doc
  • Pantry_Essentials_for_Vegan_Cooking.doc
  • Local Food.doc