A self-serve library, located in the hallway leading to the Peter Bulkeley room, is available to all parishioners.

As of June 28, 2011


Red Dot: Living/Spirituality

Aronson, DianeResolving Infertility 616.69
No AuthorAssisted Living in Massachusetts: 2005 Resource Guide 362.16
Beattie, MelodyThe Language of Letting Go 155.916
Boylan, JenniferShe’s Not There: A Life in Two Genders 813.5
Bradshaw, JohnHomecoming: Reclaiming & Championing Your Inner Child 158.1
Bridges, WilliamTransitions: Making Sense of Life’s Changes 303.4
Bridges, WilliamManaging Transitions 658.4
Dowling, ColetteThe Cinderella Complex: Women’s Hidden Fear of Independence 155.633
Dyer, WayneYour Secret Self: Making Decisions to be Free 291.44
Edelman, HopeMotherless Daughters 155.937
Fromm, ErichThe Art of Loving 152.41
Gallagher, NoraThings Seen & Unseen: A Year Lived in Faith 283.092
GerzonFinding Serenity in the Age of Anxiety
GrollmanBereaved Children & Teens
JohnsonPlant a Geranium in Your Cranium
JohnsonSplashes of Joy in the Cesspools of Life
KoppWho Am I Really?
KushnerWhen All You ever Wanted Isn’t Enough
KushnerHow Good Do we Have to Be?
MooreCare of the Soul (2 Copies)
MurrayBoston Globe Columns (“Over 60” and “Now and Then”)
MyssAnatomy of the Spirit: Seven Steps of Healing
NamikoshiThe Complete Book of Shiatsu Therapy
OchsWomen & Spirituality
PeckThe Road Less Travelled: A New Psychology of Love, Traditional Values & Spiritual Growth
PuffAnger Work: How to Express Your Anger and Still Be Kind
RealDon’t Want to Talk about it: Male Depression
RichardsonTake Time for Your Life
RobbinsSuccessful Midlife Career Change
RothmanThe Tentative Pregnancy: How Amniocenteses Changes the Experience of


SherblomMuch More Than Sexuality: Listening to 70 Gay People Talk about Their Lives
SiddiqueHow to Turn Anger into Love: A Spiritual Guide
SeligmanWhat You Can Change & What You Can’t: The Complete Guide to Successful Self-Improvement
TaylorMy Stroke of Insight
The Christian Science
Publ. Society
Healing Spiritually (God’s Law)
Thich Nhat HanhThe Sun My Heart
Thich Nhat HanhThe Miracle of Mindfulness
Thich Nhat HanhPeace Is Every Step
Scher, M.D.Preventing Miscarriage
ThorntonA Field Guide to the Soul

Purple Dot: Relationships

GrollmanTalking about Divorce & Separation: A dialogue Between Parent & Child
GrollmanYour Aging Parents
Goldhar-LernerThe Dance of Anger
HarbourgCaring for the Caregiver
MillerThe Art of Being a Healing Presence
Pipher, PhDThe Shelter of Each Other
TannerYou Just Don’t Understand: Women & Men in Conversation
TochlookFirst Steps toward an Antiracist Practice and Culture
Weisinger & LobsenzNobody’s Perfect: How to Give Criticism & Get Results

Yellow Dot: Children’s Development

Center for Adoption Research
Univ. of Mass.
Adopting in Massachusetts
ColesThe Spiritual Life of Children
EdelmanMotherless Daughters
FisherWhen your Child has LD
FitzpatrickSomething More: Nurturing Your Child’s Spiritual Growth
GrollmanExplaining Divorce to Children
HallwellThe Childhood Roots of Adult Happiness
No AuthorParent-Child Retreats: Spiritual Experiences for Children Ages 3-6 & Their Parents
ReichmannResolving Infertility
StockThe Kid’s Book of Questions

Blue Dot: Illness & Health

American Association of
Colleges of Nursing
Ask a Nurse
BensonWellness Book
BowesUnbearable Uncertainty (Breast Cancer)
Brandt & SteinerTreating IBD
ConnellThe Menopause Book
DomarHealthy Mind, Healthy Women
Dossey M.D.Healing Words & Practicing Medicine
DroegeThe Healing Presence: Spiritual Exercise for Healing, Wellness & Recovery
ElkinsDepression & Natural Medicine
JamesWomen & the Blues: Passions that Hurt, Passions that Heal
FairbornOvercoming Binge Eating
FlachThe Secret Strength of Depression
FranzinaThe New Yoga for People over 50
GreesonIt’s Not What you’re Eating, It’s What’s Eating You – 2 Copies
FranzinaThe New Yoga for People over 50
GroopmanThe Anatomy of Hope: How People Prevail in the Face of Illness
Harvard Pilgrim Health CareHealthwise Handbook
Hein & DiGeronimoAIDS: Trading Fears for Facts
HuddlestonPrepare for Surgery, Heal Faster
IngermanSoul Retrieval (Healing Self)
JaegersThe Magic of Healing
JamesWomen & the Blues: Passions that Hurt, Passions that Heal
JongPrecious Metals: Minerals & Health
Kabat-ZinnFull Catastrophe Living
No AuthorHealth Care Choices for Today’s Consumer
Le MaistreBeyond Rage – Chronic Physical Illness
LeShanCancer as a Turning Point
LettermanDeafness in Perspective
LipsyteIn the Country of Illness
LoveDr. Love’s Hormone Book
Mace & RabinsThe 36-hour Day
MillerIf I’m So Smart, Why Do I Eat Like This? 12-Day Program that ends compulsive Eating forever – Health Care Choices
MyraLiving well with Chronic Asthma, Bronchitis & Emphysema
No AuthorPeople – Not Patients (Ilitis & Colitis)
No AuthorFood & Nutrition
No AuthorNew Choices in Natural Healing
PadusThe Women’s Encyclopedia of Health & Natural Healing
PelleterThe Best Alternative Medicine
RusnakBefore They Forget: Maximizing the Spiritual Possibilities of Alzheimers.
SimonConquering Heart DiseaseSnyder-Grant
SiegelLove, Medicine & Miracles
Snider-GrantJust Like Life, Only More
Sobel & KleinArthritis: What Works
TaylorMy Stroke of Insight
The Christian Science
Publ. Society
Healing Spiritually (God’s Law)
WeigelStriking Back

Pink Dot: Mental Health

BloomfieldHow to Heal Depression
DunnLight in the Shadow
No AuthorThe Complete Guide to Mental Health for Women
No AuthorSchizophrenia: Questions & Answers
OsbornTormenting Thoughts & Secret Rituals
SheffieldHow You can Survive when They’re Depressed
RealI Don’t Want To Talk About It: Overcoming the Secret Legacy of Male Depression
SeligmanLearned Optimism

Orange Dot: Addiction & Related Issues

AckermanRecovery Resource of Alcohol Recover
AckermanLet Go & Grow
Al AnonHow Al-Anon Works
BeattleBeyond Codependency
BeattleCodependent No More
HollandOne’s Company
SlaterThe Complete Guide to Mental Health
WhitneyLiving with Alcoholism
WoititzThe Self-Sabotage Syndrome
WoititzAdult Children of Alcoholics

Brown Dot: Dying & Death

AlbornTuesdays with Murray
BeekerThe Denial of Death
ByokDying Well: Peace & Possibilities at the End of Life
CallahanFinal Gifts
GrollmanTalking about Death: A dialogue between parent & child
Kuebler-RossTo Live Until We say Good-Bye
Kuebler-RossLiving with Death & Dying
LedermanRest in Peace
LevinA Year to Live
Mitchell & AndersonAll Our Losses, All Our Griefs
MollerDancing with Broken Bones
NulandHow We Die
Riemer & StampferSo that Your Values live on – Ethical wills & Preparation
SmithGriever’s Ask
StienAbout Dying: An Open Family Book for Parents & Children Together

Green Dot: Loss & Grief

CohenComing to Term/Miscarriage
Davis, PhD.Empty Cradle, Broken Heart
James & FriedmanThe Grief Recovery Handbook
No AuthorA Guide to Resources in Prenatal Bereavement
No AuthorPlanning a Precious Goodbye
No AuthorSibling Grief…after Miscarriage, Stillbirth or Infant Death
No AuthorWhat Family & Friends Can Do
MacnabLife after Loss: Getting over Grief, Getting on with Life
McCraken & SemelA Broken Heart Still Beats after Your Child Dies
ParkesRecovery from Bereavement
PrendTranscending Loss: Understanding the Lifelong Impact of Grief & How to make it Meaningful
QuackenbushWhen your Pet dies
Rosenblatt & WallaceAfrican American Grieve
RotondoThreads of Hope: An Offering for Those who Grieve
TatelbaumThe Courage to Grieve
Van Duivendyke & MinA Ministry Approach

Audio Recordings

Red Dot: Living/Spirituality (Audio):

BorysenkoSeventy Times Seven (two audio copies)
CasarjianThe Love & Forgiveness Visualization
CoppermannThe ABC’s of Self-Deliverance
Day, M.D.Sorting Through the Maze of Alternative Medicine
GerzonFinding Serenity in the Age of Anxiety
GerzonSelf Hypnosis: Guided Self Hypnosis for Relaxation & Personal Growth
GerzonWhole Mind Meditation: Guided Meditation for Relaxation& Personal Growth
Kabat-ZinnWherever You Go There You Are (contains 2 casettes)
Kabat-ZinnMindfulness Meditation Practice Tape, Series 1, Tape 1 (2 copies)
Kabat-ZinnMindfulness Meditation Practice Tape, Series 1, Tape 2 (2 Copies)
SoyalLiving Well, Dying Well

Blue Dot: Illness & Health (Audio):

RothEarly Intervention for Schizophrenia
RothFeeding the Hungry Heart
RothEarly Intervention for Schizophrenia
RusnickBefore they Forget: Maximizing the Spiritual Possibilities of Alzheimers
YoungBreakthrough Pain
WeilBreathing: Master Key to Self Healing

Brown Dot Audio: Dying & Death (Audio):

RusnackBecause You never died before: the world of the dying, 2nd Edition (audio CD)

Green Dot: Loss & Grief (Audio):

RusnackLoss, Grief & Elder Care (audio CD)