The Social Action Community (SAC) works to actively express our Unitarian Universalist social justice commitment and First Parish mission statement. The SAC Board and SAC Director manage the distribution of 7.5% of annual pledge income to local, national and international organizations. Currently, the SAC Director’s salary is also supported by the 7.5% of annual pledge income.

You can view grant allocations from 2016 and 2017 to get an idea of what types and sizes of grants we give.

Grant Applications

The deadline for grants in the 2017-18 church year is January 31, 2018. Grants will be awarded by March, 2018. To apply for a grant through First Parish in Concord, first read our SAC Grant Application Policies 2017. The application be downloaded here. Completed applications should be emailed to Wendy Holt at

To learn more about the history of our grants programs, read this report by Dave Dawson and John Lowe, “History and Impact of Social Action Grants, 1968-2010″ [PDF]. A more recent summary, included in the 2015 report, is available here [PDF].