Standing Committee Goals 2016-18

As of December 11, 2016, The Standing Committee has set the following goals through 2018:

  • Create a process to ensure policies are maintained
  • Strengthen connections to other congregations and to the wider denomination
  • Nurture leadership within First Parish
    • Support our Senior Minister in the organization of an annual First Parish leadership meeting, including all chairs/co-chairs of FP committees with an agenda aimed at strengthening relationships and leadership capabilities
  • Support SAC and its pilot programs
  • Complete a congregation-wide exploration on social action funding
    • Initiate discussions aimed at re-affirming, modifying, or eliminating our annual allocation of 7.5% of annual pledge payments to social justice
    • Coordinate timing with SAC pilot initiatives
    • Create and disseminate objective information at Annual Meeting 2017
    • Evaluate congregational input on funding mechanisms from last year’s SAC survey, and assess whether and how further input should be gathered
    • Determine if and when to hold a congregational vote regarding our policy on SAC funding mechanisms