Watch Out for the Unitarian Universalists – 2016 Pledge Testimonial

Before we moved to Concord, a friend had us meet her brother. He was living here already.

“It’s a great place,” Michael told us, “but watch out for the Unitarians Universalists! They sit on all the town committees. They spend too much!”

It sounded pretty good to us.

Years followed, first with the children in RE, then in the wider church. A decade ago, when heavy challenges came, what could have been the gates of hell opened to reveal you to us as angels.

Pastoral care for me was first of all the cast of The Laramie Project. There followed more theatricals, music, dinners in the Parish Hall, friends, and ultimately all those committees. We healed.

The children have their own children now. I settled into myself, I fell in love again, and we have been surrounded in this community by joy.
In a few weeks, Howard will marry Caitlin and me. Our children will be with us, as will our families and all those angels – the thespians, the historians, the thinkers, the musicians, the Taizé chanters, the environmentalists, the fellow-travelers who share their vegan plates, the committee members. The angels who put chairs away at the end of a meeting. With us too will be the angels who won’t sit still when there’s work to do for justice, or for peace.

Michael was right all those years ago. Unitarian-Universalists are everywhere. Passover and Easter. Getting on with the Annual Campaign
We are blessed. We are the angels. That’s what we are.