Parishioner Stories

2020 Pledge Testimonial – Ken Reeves and Jean Chandler

Ken: I support this church financially because you are my extended family, this is my second home, and so I need to keep the lights on. I want to support the staff and all of you who, as my extended family, help raise our daughter and … read more.

2019 Pledge Testimonial – Anne Fortier

Hi I am Anne Fortier.

Thirty five years ago, when I first came here, I had been a single mother for many years. My children had entered their teen years and having had a positive church experience as a child, I set out to find a … read more.

2019 Pledge Testimonial – Phil D’Amico and Lisa Bennett

Phil: Good Morning. My name is Phil D’Amico and this is my wife Lisa Bennett. 

We began attending First Parish almost 5 years ago. This was after years of gentle prodding by my childhood friend Carolyn Copp. 

Lisa: Phil was raised Catholic and I wasn’t raised in … read more.

2019 Pledge Testimonial – CC King

Would you join me in a breath and a sigh?  [all do so]
And in a breath with a roar! [all do so]
And, with a hand on your heart if you wish, a breath with a long ‘yummy yumm’. [all do so].  Thank you.

We … read more.

2019 Pledge Testimonial – Dick Shohet

Sixty years ago this year, emulating Ralph Waldo Emerson, I drove out Route 2 from Cambridge to begin my teaching career at the Peter Bulkley Junior High School on Stow Street. Peter Bulkley was the first minister of First Parish, then more a Calvinist den … read more.