First Parish Gives Me Family – 2015 Pledge Testimonial

Hi, I’m Edye, and I’ve worked downstairs in little RE for three years now. When I think about reasons why it is important to support First Parish, I immediately think of all the times that this church has been there for me. I was talking about giving a testimonial with one of the girls I babysit and when she asked what First Parish did for me, I told her that it gave me a family. It has, and that family has been there for me – you have been there for me – more than I could ever imagine. You’ve watched me grow, you’ve welcomed me so openly into your lives, and the love that I feel for you – and that I feel from you – is what makes this church so important to participate in and to support.
The religious education program contributes a lot to the lives of everyone involved – parents, kids, and teachers alike. And it’s you, the congregation, that makes all of these wonderful connections and experiences possible. Because of you, we can run the RE program. We can host family events like the Christmas fair, and potlucks, and rock ‘n’ roll bingo, and everything that strengthens the social connections and special relationships that I attribute to my membership at First Parish.

My job in RE means the world to me. We have such an amazing time and I’ve honestly created beautiful memories with the people I’ve met here. Having the resources to continue the program and to support everything that we do in childcare is incredibly important. Not only to me, but to you. I want to make sure that everyone gets the same opportunities that I am honored to have. To ensure that this can happen, it’s up to all of us to give to the church. This community has a wonderful give-and-take: I know how much I receive in response to what I give, and the same goes for every member of First Parish. We support each other, which enables us to have so many phenomenal experiences.
Thank you for everything you’ve done, and thank you for your continued financial and emotional support. I would not be who I am today without this congregation.