News Submission Guideline Basics

For MHN, Sunday News, and FP Weekly

The editors, Sarah and Wendy, ask your help in reducing the over 100 monthly submissions received collectively for the Meeting House News (monthly), Sunday News (insert) and FP Weekly (weekly email) by adhering to the basic guidelines below. We appreciate your help.

Publicizing Events at First Parish

Please send your final form entry and images as attachments by the deadline or earlier. Word limit is 100 and images can be either JPEG or PNG. Please review the brochure “Publicizing Events at First Parish of Concord” for details and upcoming dates, and review previous issues for examples.

The brochure is located on the small table outside the church office or can be downloaded here. Be sure to distribute to new committee members! Any questions, please contact the editors. Thank you for your help.

Deadlines and Production Dates

Meeting House Newsletter


* Include information for June, July, August and first week of September.

FP Weekly Deadline: Noon Friday for the following week

Sunday News Deadline: Noon Wednesday before Sunday service


A simplified brochure of guidelines is available on the small table outside the church office and is entitled “Publicizing Events at First Parish in Concord.” Below is a more detailed list of formatting requests if you prefer. We appreciate your compliance as it saves us a great deal of work. Please plan ahead, especially if your submission is to be reviewed by your committee and/or by others. Incomplete submissions will be returned.

Once your submission is final, please email it and any images (.jpeg or .png only) to the appropriate editor as an attachment. It is important to send as an attached file in a Word doc/docx or Text file format. If you are using Pages on a Mac, you will need to “Save As” to a Word doc/docx or Text file format. Do not send PDFs. Please send your submission and photo/image to the editor and indicate in the subject line “Your Name – Event Title” (ex. Maureen Phillips – Auction Save the Date). Thank you!


  • Event title, day of week (no abbreviations, ex. ‘and’ not ‘&’), month (no ‘th’ or ‘rd’), date, time (range), ROOM
  • Description, including sponsoring committee/organization
  • Contact: name, email, phone (can state “X preferred”)
  • Formatting:
    • Font: Arial, Size: 12, no boldface/ italics/ UPPERCASE/ special spacing
    • FP uses the serial comma (ex. ‘One, two, and three’; not ‘one, two and three’)
    • Phone numbers are written with hyphens, not periods (978-369-9602, not 978.369.9602). Please include extension (x450) with church numbers.
    • No abbreviations – ex.: months, days, states, use of “&”, ecetera
  • Include image, picture, or logo, if possible. They add a lot.
  • No additional formatting (it will only be stripped out). If you have concerns about the layout of your submission, please contact the editor directly.
  • 100 maximum word count (firm)
  • Be sure to spell-check. You are responsible for spelling. Please do not assume we know. We go with what you send us.
  • If your submission occurs over more than one time period, request it be rerun.

Once complete, send submission to each editor as needed: Sarah Burns (Sunday News and FP Weekly),  and Wendy Wolfberg (Meeting House News). Please ask us sooner than later, if you have questions. And, be sure to leave time for your committee’s review, if needed.