What is Share the Plate ?

In Share the Plate collections, half of the funds raised (other than those designated as fulfilling pledges), will go to the designated recipient organization and the other half will go to First Parish.

Why pilot Share the Plate?

Share the Plate programs have been around for years, and are used by many congregations.  Michael Durall’s writing on creating generous congregations in the early 2000’s spread the word about Share the Plates.

Congregations have found that STP programs created a broader sense of ownership of the Social Action giving process.  They also provide an opportunity for congregants to learn about and make connections with new social justice organizations.

Share the plates are generally thought to increase the overall plate total – so the church actually receives more from a shared plate than regular collections.

Can I nominate a recipient for Share the Plate?

The SAC Board is soliciting nominations for organizations to share the plate for the months of February, March and April.  Any First Parish program or pledging member may submit a nomination between now and January 4.  Nominees should normally be a 501(3)3 organization.  Download the nomination form here:  SAC_STP_Nomination Form 12_17_2017

Liaison to selected nominees

If your nomination is selected, you will need a First Parish liaison to the organization to coordinate their visit to a service and/or a coffee hour so that the congregation can learn more about the organization’s work.  You may serve as the liaison or find another First Parish member.

How will selections be made among nominated organizations?

A selection committee will be convened from members of the SAC Board and its SAC Giving Workgroup, and other interested congregants.

To join the Selection Committee:

Contact zroe@firstparish.org

The Committee will meet in mid-January.

What are the selection criteria?

The SAC Giving Workgroup will draft selection criteria for review by the SAC Board, staff, and the congregation.  Final criteria will be posted on this page.

Can a SAC grantee be nominated?

Yes.   An organization may be sponsored for a SAC grant and nominated for a Share the Plate.  However, if an organization is selected for a Share the Plate, it will not be considered for a SAC grant.  See the SAC Grants webpage for more information about sponsoring a SAC grant application see:  http://firstparish.org/wp/justice/social-action/sac-grants/

Evaluation of STP and SAC Grants 

In the spring, the SAC Giving Workgroup will assess the initial experience with Share the Plate, as well as the SAC grants process in order to share recommendations with the Standing Committee on how best to continue social action giving in the future.

We are currently working on an evaluation plan, which will include generating feedback from the congregation, analysis of funds raised, and the advantages and disadvantages of each way of raising and donating funds.

Share the Plate Calendar

January 4          Due date for nominations for February through March Share the Plates.

Mid-January      Meeting of Selection Committee

January             Share the Plate for recipient selected by SAC Board from organizations that have been SAC grantees

February to April             Share the Plates for recipients selected from nominations by congregants by designated committee

May                    Share the Plate recipient may selected by First Parish youth

June                  Give the Plate for Puerto Rico reconstruction.

Want more information?

Contact http://mail to:zroe@firstparish.org