When You Arrive on Sunday

(Due to Covid-19, We Are Currently Holding Services Over Zoom. We Encourage You to Join Us From Home)

When you enter through the front doors (between the columns facing Lexington Road), expect friendly faces to greet you, hand you an order of service, and answer your questions. Please sit anywhere. Children usually remain until after the “children’s message” in the service, before going to their Religious Education classes. Visiting children may attend these classes or remain in the Sanctuary with their parents.

Gathering music begins about 5 minutes before the service begins.

First Parish Cafe

September through mid June, the congregation offers the First Parish Cafe. Coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and muffins will be available in the kitchen. The Cafe will open at 9:00 a.m. most Sunday mornings.

During services

Our ministers and worship leaders lead us according to the order of service.

Your Order of Service is your guide to what you are hearing and seeing during the service.

Each week we hear a variety of vibrant and diverse music, prayers, readings, and preaching. There is an opportunity to make a financial contribution during the offertory.

After the sermon, at the end of the service, we speak our Benediction to one another, which is printed on the back of the Order of Service.

After the service ends, the minister and other worship leaders are available at the back of the sanctuary.

After services

Our service lasts about an hour.

Then, please join us downstairs in the Parish Hall for social hour. Fair-trade coffee and tea are available in the kitchen (which is on your left as you head toward the Parish Hall). If you are visiting, we encourage you to use a red mug, to help us identify and welcome you.

Social hour can be a bit daunting, but we are delighted to welcome you! Most Sundays, there is a table with information for visitors, and someone to talk to and answer your questions.

If you prefer, you may go directly to your child’s religious education class to meet them. Teachers expect you by 11:15 a.m., but understand if things are running late in worship.

After visiting, if you have any questions or want to talk with someone, feel free to speak with any of the worship leaders or contact the office at contact@firstparish.org.

Thank you for coming, and we hope to see you again.