“The Myth of Centrality”

Ken Langer

“The Myth of the Straight Line”

Ken Langer

“The Myth of Perfection”

Ken Langer

“All for One and One for All”

Matt Meyer

“Transcendentalism Globally”

Rev. Dr. Jim Sherblom

“Democracy as a Spiritual Practice”

Rev. Paul Langston-Daley

“Woven in a Single Garment of Destiny”

Ken Langer and UUA Staff

“We Have Been Good for One Another”

Rev. Howard N. Dana

This will be the final sermon of Rev. Howard N. Dana at First Parish in Concord.

“Flower Communion”

Rev. Howard N. Dana


Rev. Liz Weber

“Mystery at Walden Pond”

Rev. Ken Reeves

“No Virtue to Spare”

Rev. Howard N. Dana

“What’s in a Name?”

Beth Norton

“The Poetry of Mary Oliver”

Rev. Howard N. Dana

“Coming of Age Service”

Dawn Van Patten, Kristin Moore

All ages are welcome and encouraged to join us on-site or online! Our Coming of Age Service is the culmination of our 9th grade program co-led by Kristin Moore and Dawn Van Patten with additional mentoring by Eric Moore, and Amy Freedman. Youth will present their credos, personal statements of belief, to our congregation as well as lead other parts of the service. This is always a moving rite of passage.