Why should I contribute to the Legacy Giving Program?

Since 1885, First Parish parishioners have made many small and large gifts to our Legacy Investment Fund. The typical person who makes a legacy gift isn’t a millionaire or independently wealthy. Rather, most legacy givers are simply members who want to make a commitment to the future of our liberal faith. They are people who wish to support the future of our church beyond their lifetimes.

Each of us, at the end of life, wants our assets to support people, causes and institutions we care about that reflect who we are. A legacy gift shows your deep, long-term commitment to First Parish. It will live on beyond you, and nourish the values we share. It will help secure the financial and programmatic future of First Parish in Concord. By making your legacy gift you are making a contribution that grows and provides lasting benefits to the church.

Why are legacy gifts important to First Parish?

First Parish is a wonderful community, engaged in many fine efforts, ranging from Sunday Services and Religious Education to Social Action and Pastoral Care to our partnership with Székelykeresztúr. We are a community of activists. In our over 350-year history, many people have been involved in making our world a better place. Your legacy gift supports the efforts of future activists for generations to come. Your voice and your presence will live on through the gift you make.

To do the work of this parish, we must raise money each year through our Annual Pledge Campaign. There is significant stress on these annual fundraising efforts, especially in times of economic uncertainty. One way to minimize that pressure is to increase our Legacy Investment Fund. Each year a portion of the fund is provided to support the annual operating budget of First Parish. This amount is generally 3.5-4.0 percent of the total invested fund. If we can increase our Legacy Investment Fund, the annual payout from the fund will grow, First Parish will be able to do more, and pressure on annual fundraising efforts will be reduced. The Legacy Investment Fund also provides an additional level of financial security in times of unexpected need.

How much should I consider giving?

With the exception of charitable gift annuities (which have a minimum of $10,000), there is no minimum amount for a legacy gift to First Parish, but it may be the largest charitable gift you make! There are many ways to think about an amount, but one common approach is to choose a sum that would–by adding a certain amount to the Legacy Investment Fund–in effect replace your current annual pledge in perpetuity. For example, assuming the Legacy Investment Fund will provide 4 percent of your legacy gift to First Parish each year, then a $50,000 gift would provide $2,000 each year to First Parish operations. In addition, over the long term, your legacy gift would grow along with the Legacy Investment Fund as the stock market rises and additional gifts are received.

Are there any restrictions on the types of gifts I can make?

It is preferred that legacy gifts to First Parish be made without designation or restriction as to the use of the funds. First Parish will not accept gifts that are too restrictive. Gifts that are too restrictive are those that violate the terms of our charter, gifts that are too difficult to administer, or gifts that are for purposes outside the mission of First Parish. The types of gifts that are acceptable include cash or checks, marketable securities, tangible personal property, and marketable real estate. First Parish has a policy titled Legacy Giving Policies and Guidelines that provides more information if you (or your advisor) would like to review the policy.

How are the gifts to the First Parish Legacy Investment Fund managed?

The funds First Parish receives from the settlement of estates are pooled into the Legacy Investment Fund. This fund contains contributions made since 1885 and it supports the annual operating budget and critical financial needs of First Parish. It is managed by the Trustees of Parish Donations and a professional investment management firm. The Trustees have an investment policy and publish results annually. A portion of the investment funds is provided each year to support the annual operating budget of First Parish. This amount is generally 3.5 to 4.0 percent of the Legacy Investment Fund, which in turn represents approximately 9% of our total operating budget. If you would like information on the investment policy, current invested assets, or other historical information, please contact the Chair or the Treasurer of the Trustees of Parish Donations.

What is the Legacy Circle and how can I join?

Anyone who establishes a legacy gift to First Parish in Concord and completes the Legacy Gift Form is automatically made a member of the First Parish Legacy Circle. It is our means of recognizing your lasting commitment to First Parish. If you wish to be an anonymous member you may do so.

If you have already made a legacy commitment to First Parish in your estate plan, the Legacy Giving Committee would like to know about it so that we can thank you for your generosity, make you a member of the Legacy Circle, and use this information to assist in our long-term planning. Please complete the Legacy Gift Form and send it to Fifi Ball at fball@firstparish.org; or just call Fifi to let her know of your arrangements.Section Navigation