I’m interested in making a legacy gift. What do I do next?

We are gratified you are considering making a legacy gift, and appreciate your commitment to First Parish. We are here to answer your questions. Here is the “pathway” for moving forward:

  1. Talk with your advisors and family and decide on the kind and amount of gift you want to leave to First Parish. Will you leave a set dollar amount or a percentage of certain assets?  Do you want your gift to go to the general Legacy Investment Fund or be designated for a particular purpose or program(s) at First Parish?
  2. Contact Fifi Ball, Director of Operations, or another member of the First Parish Legacy Giving Committee. Let us know what you are considering and whether you need assistance. While the church cannot offer financial or tax advice regarding your gift, we will be happy to answer your questions about the different gift types. We also want to be sure First Parish can accept your gift as you want to designate it; we may not be able to accept certain kinds of real property, or funds designated for a very narrow purpose. Of course, your information will be held in strict confidence, depending on your wishes.
  3. Execute your legacy gift by doing one or more of the following:
    1. work with your attorney to add or change language in your will or revocable trust;
    2. change your retirement plan or life insurance beneficiary forms; or
    3. work with Fifi Ball to establish your charitable gift annuity.
  4. Complete the Legacy Gift Form and give it to Fifi Ball so we will know of your gift, and, if possible, the projected amount First Parish may receive. This information will be kept confidential, and is for our record-keeping only.
  5. We will welcome you as a member of our Legacy Circle. Determine whether or not you want your name to be listed with others, or kept confidential. We recognize Legacy Circle members by name only. We will not disclose the amount or nature of your gift. Please notify First Parish if you make future changes or adjustments to your legacy gift.
  6. Upon settlement of your estate, your funds will be given to First Parish according to your wishes, and will serve to support the needs and activities of First Parish for the indefinite future!


Thank you … for both your generosity and your efforts on behalf of First Parish in Concord!


With warmest regards,

The First Parish Legacy Giving Committee