Anti-Oppression Resources

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COIC has found useful anti-oppression information on both the following sites: 

Harvard –

Middlebury College –

You’ll find the content on these websites is updated with some regularity.

COIC Reports

We hope you will read our first report to the First Parish Standing Committee which contains an overview of our work so far and recommendations. 


The Racial Justice Action Group (RJAG) has created a social justice library related to anti-oppression, which continues to expand. The library resides on a cart in Rev. Paul Langston-Daley’s office that is wheeled out into the Parish Hall on Sundays. There is a system in place to sign out books you want to borrow. Here are the books currently available


“Who We Are: A Chronicle of Racism in America” hosted by attorney-activist Jeffery Robinson. Streaming on Netflix.

Wilderness Journey: The Struggle for Black Empowerment and Racial Justice  (Running Time: 1:16)

Fighting Indians” a documentary film by Mark G. Cooley and Derek Ellis. 2019. Streaming on Prime Video.

Policing Black Communities, 1854-2023” by Rev. Rahsaan Hall. The Theodore Parker Lecture, recorded March 26, 2023 at the Theodore Parker UU Church in West Roxbury, MA. 


Racism and Projection of the Shadow” by Rev. Ken Reeves. Psychotherapy Magazine, Vol. 37, Number 1, pgs. 80-9.

Movements of hope: Abolition and reparations in these times” by Trevor Smith and David Ragland, as printed in Prism, Aug 28, 2023.

Critical Race Theory is a Lens: 11 Ways Looking Through it” by Eliott C. McLaughlin, CNN. Mary 2021.

Liberating Governance for Our Times” by the UUA’s Joe Sullivan. December 2022.

Why Some Young Black Bostonians are Choosing to Move to the South” by Tiana Woodard. November, 2022.

1,101 people have ben shot and killed by police in the past 12 months” from The Washington Post. January 2023.

Foundation empties coffers to fund Black paper in Baltimore” – Associated Press, January 2023.

Yes, Black Cops Can Be Racist” by Michael Harriot. January 2023.

Do Indigenous Land Acknowledgements Do More Harm Than Good?” by Elisa J. Solo, Michael Lambert, and Valerie Lambert. Oct 2021.


Beyond Land Acknowledgement – Accountable Action in Partnership with Native Nations” from UNTYING KNOTS, originating from Harvard Kennedy School’s Program Institutional Antiracism and Accountability

Seeing White” produced by Scene on Radio, 14-part eye opening series hosted by John Biewen and Dr. Chnjerai Kumanyika.

Reports & References

UUA Report Widening the Circle of Concern

UU Action for Immediate Witness: Anti-Racism and Reparations via Restorative Justice 2022

The Triangle Slave Trade

The Underground Railroad

California Reparations Report (2022) Executive Summary


Beloved Conversations, curriculum developed by The FAHS Collaborative at Meadville Lombard 

Trans Inclusion in Congregations  a six-session online course on culture shift and radical welcome, available to all First Parish parishioners.

Jubilee Three – First Parish hopes to co-sponsor this three-day training in our area October 20-22, 2023.


The Robbins House – across from the Old North Bridge.

The Concord Visitor’s Center – Concord’s African-American History Walking Tour

The Concord Museum