The November, 2020 elections were the most important in living memory. That’s why, on January 12, the UUA launched UU the Vote to support congregations and UU organizations in activating thousands of UUs to mobilize voters, counter voter suppression, and to engage in spiritually grounded, values-based issue conversations with voters in their communities.

First Parish in Concord UU the Vote Mission and Goals

We work collaboratively with our social justice partners and focus primarily on increasing voter turnout and countering voter suppression of marginalized populations and youth. We also have activities that will support efforts in key states where the need is greatest.

Our goals are to:

  1. Involve as many members of the congregation as we can
  2. Have an impact on the 2020 election that reflects our values as Unitarian Universalists

Suggested Activities for Parishioners – updated Nov. 20

The bulk of our work was completed by the Nov. 3 elections. We successfully completed our work with helping at the polls, sending notes to family and friends, doing a variety of family-friendly activities, making donations, writing to college presidents, phone banking, sending postcards (12,000+) and text banking (57,000+). Working remotely with various software tools we were able to help register voters and get out the vote in key states where the voting was close including Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Virginia, Georgia, and other southern states. More than 100 First Parish members participated in our various activities.

Georgia Senate Elections

Our work is continuing with two Senate run-off elections in Georgia that will be held on Jan. 5. These elections have the opportunity to shift the balance in the Senate. There are opportunities for parishioners who wish to do the following activities.


Non-partisan donations can be sent to Common Cause Georgia, the ACLU Foundation of Georgia., and the Center for Common Ground (Reclaim Our Vote). You can make a partisan donation at Georgia Senate campaigns need money now to buy phone and text lists and pay staff to register voters and run GOTV campaigns.

Post Cards

Reclaim Our Vote has completed distribution of its postcard lists containing over 2 million addresses in Georgia. It’s not clear that any are available locally at this time.

Text Banking

Black Voters Matter – Georgia is planning to send over 1 million texts using Resistance Labs. Current texting is to help people request mail-in ballots, and the responses have often been quite positive. Sign Up Here.

Phone Banking

UU the Vote Georgia Phonebank November 22 2:00 PM ET. Support our national partner Reclaim Our Vote in calling voters in Georgia before the Runoff elections. We’ll be using a manual dialer so that we can leave voicemails with important voting information. All training will be included in the event. Sign Up Now

In the coming weeks, UU Mass Action will also organize a Massachusetts UU phone banking gathering (via zoom). Be sure to join our UU The Vote MA listserv so you don’t miss any updates!

Post-Election Safety

Protect the Election Results: The presidential transfer of power has not gone smoothly this year. Groups around the country are preparing for this eventuality with plans for non-violent protests, and potentially strikes to shut down the country if the worst comes to pass.

Read a message from the UUA President: UU Theology Calls Us To Defend Our Democracy

The League of Women Voters: View the recording of the excellent Active Bystander Training


Voter Education

Brave New Films: Host / watch a free virtual 40 minute screening of Suppressed 2020: The Fight to Vote!


Work With Our Partner

Concord Indivisible: huddles with a menu of actions and rally events as needed.


Video of September 10 event UU the Vote: Last Chance to Act now available

Click HERE to watch the video. The passcode is: T3Y2k@aH


First Parish in Concord UU the Vote Steering Committee

Mary Ann Barton, Adrienne Betancourt, Nancy Cronin, Leslie Fisher, Wendy Holt, Sally Lewis, Diane Proctor, Sue St. Croix, Fred Van Deusen