First Parish in Concord has a long tradition of helping our youth face the challenges of adolescence, especially around issues of sexuality. Our congregation has offered the Our Whole Lives (OWL) curriculum to 8th graders every year since the program’s creation in 2000; in fact, using previous iterations of the curriculum (then called About Your Sexuality), we have been offering sexuality education in a religious context to our youth since 1971. We also offer Little OWL for Kindergarten/1st graders and Middle OWL for 5th graders.

SEAGUULL 2020-2021

Sexuality Education Awareness & Growth through UU Lifelong Learning

This year, First Parish in Concord is offering online comprehensive sexuality education for three age-groups: 10-11, 12, and 14-15. There is a limit to the number of children and teens enrolled and preference is given to active members of First Parish. That decision was made in order to keep group numbers within a range in which it is easier for participants to connect with each other. Each session is important, builds from the previous session, and forms a cohesive community among participants.

Lora Venesy, SEAGUULL Leader

Sarah Chapman,
SEAGUULL Co-facilitator

Lora Venesy and her family have been coming to First Parish in Concord since 2007. She has two daughters who have been raised in RE. Lora has served on the Religious Education Council and as Chair, as well as RE teacher including OWL for grades 1, 5, and 8 (they’re all her favorite!). She has served on the Standing Committee and Social Action community of First Parish. Lora is an educator who has worked in the reproductive health field for 28 years. She lives in Concord with her family, Dave, Margot, Adrienne, and their pets, Zelda, Louie and Edwin.

Sarah Chapman, a lifelong UU, and her family have been coming to First Parish in Concord since 2017. As a member of the UUA staff in the late 90’s – early 2000’s she enjoyed learning about the great history of our faith and watched her peers revamp the AYS (About Your Sexuality) program into today’s OWL (Our Whole Lives) lifespan sexuality education program. Now, with Lora Venesy, Sarah is pleased to be a part of First Parish’s own SEAGUUL program for a new era. Sarah is a clay artist working out of her studio in East Somerville. She lives in West Concord with her husband Beno, her two teenage sons, Elliot and Atticus, her dog Kofi and cat Dean.

SEAGUULL for 12 year olds:

11/8/20 Session 1: Values/ Relationship building
11/22/20 Session 2: Relationships & Communication
12/6/20 Session 3: Anatomy, Puberty
12/20/20 Session 4: Hygiene, Self Care & Eating Disorders
1/3/21 Session 5: Gender Identity & Sexuality
1/17/21 Session 6: Lovemaking & Reproduction
1/31/21 Session 7: Cyber Safety & Decision Making


SEAGUULL for 14-15 year olds

Section One:

11/15/20 Session 1: Values/ Group Building
11/29/20 Session 2: Body Image/Eating Disorders
12/13/20 Session 3: Gender/Sexuality
1/10/21 Session 4: Relationships
1/24/21 Session 5: Communication & Consent
2/7/21 Session 6: Social Media

Section Two:

2/21/21 Session 1: Lovemaking/Re-defining Abstinence
3/7/21 Session 2: Pregnancy
3/21/21 Session 3: Contraception
4/18/21 Session 4: Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI’s)
5/16/21 Session 5: Sexual Assault, Responsible Sexual Behavior, Decision Making
6/6/21 Session 6: Self Care


SEAGUULL for 10/11 year olds:

2/14/21 Session 1: Values/ Relationship building
2/28/21 Session 2: Relationships & Communication
3/14/21 Session 3: Anatomy, Puberty
3/28/21 Session 4: Hygiene, Self Care & Eating Disorders
4/11/21 Session 5: Gender Identity & Sexuality
4/25/21 Session 6: Lovemaking & Reproduction
5/2/21 Session 7: Cyber Safety & Decision Making


For more information, please contact Rev. Amy Freedman: