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2024 Pledge Campaign – Jane Fisher

Good morning. I’m Jane Fisher and I am delighted to share with you what First Parish means to me.

Tom and I came to First Parish in September 1996, when our daughter Lydia was in first grade. We had friends who were UUs. They … read more.

2024 Pledge Campaign – Elena D’Amico

Good Morning,

My name is Elena D’Amico.

I’m a junior at Minuteman High School, studying Veterinary Science.

As someone who has grown up in this Church, I’d like to talk to you about what First Parish means to me.

I’ve been a part of this community since 2014, when … read more.

2024 Pledge Campaign – Suzie Weaver

I am honored to be here today and to share with you a little bit about what First Parish means to me.

I first stepped foot into First Parish in October or November 1991, a few months after moving to Concord.  It seems so long ago, … read more.

2024 Pledge Campaign – Suzan Brinker

Hello, my name is Suzan Brinker, and it’s a pleasure to speak in support of the annual pledge campaign.

I’ve wanted to belong somewhere my whole life. But growing up in Germany with a German mother and a Turkish father, belonging was hard to come by. … read more.

2023 Pledge Testimonial – Jennifer Izzo

Hello. My name is Jennifer Izzo. I live in Acton, with my 3 teenage sons and husband. I first started coming to First Parish in the final years of Gary and Jenny’s ministry. I was fortunate to hear Gary’s so-called Greatest Hits sermons. They blew … read more.

2023 Pledge Testimonial – Eric Moore

It’s testimonial season at First Parish and we testifiers have a prompt: What keeps you involved and coming back?

There’s a simple explanation. First Parish is part of where I live, it’s my neighborhood. I just show up. I just show up and it’s just good … read more.

2022 Pledge Testimonial – Jack Nevison

Our family’s connection to First Parish begins with the story of my eight-year-old daughter, Susannah, expressing an interest in going to church. Because my wife is a lapsed Catholic, this task fell to me, a lapsed Methodist.

After some neighborhood inquiries, it looked like First Parish … read more.

2022 Pledge Testimonial – Teresa Hubscher-Younger

Good morning! My name is Teresa Hubscher-Younger.

You might have heard my name before because I volunteer to help with the Zoom chat with Jan Power. I find that particularly rewarding, because my first experience with First Parish was through Zoom. I explored and joined First … read more.

2022 Pledge Testimonial – Sydney Haddad

Hey, I’m Sydney! I was asked to think about connections, which is a daunting task. The list is overwhelming. Attending RE, Choir, Ferry Beach, and Mother-child book club are some of the ways I started to connect with others. I saw book club members at … read more.

2022 Pledge Testimonial – Sara Ballard

My story is a familiar one, and many of you probably have a similar one. My husband Stoney and I first came here so our children could attend Sunday school, but we ended up staying for ourselves.

Our six-year-old son, Rick, told me that when he … read more.