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2021 Pledge Testimonial – Jeff Brainerd

Good morning everyone. My name is Jeff Brainerd and as we embark on our Annual Pledge Campaign I wanted to share a little bit about what’s on my mind.

I know I don’t have to tell anybody here this, but this has been such an unprecedented, … read more.

2021 Pledge Testimonial – Peter Nobile

Good morning, First Parish family and friends.  This year’s Annual Campaign theme of “Here Together, Never Alone,”  at first struck me as odd: aren’t we in fact NOT together, and aren’t many of us feeling isolated from one another?  Before we had to go online, … read more.

2021 Pledge Testimonial – Dinny McIntyre

Good morning First Parish friends.  I send you a big air hug, as Liz has taught us to do. We’ll be back in our balcony perch before long, but I miss seeing all your faces.

John and I signed the book in 1988, thirty-three years ago, … read more.

2020 Pledge Testimonial – Tom Wilson

Good morning and I am glad to be with you today.

Let me start by telling you a quick story.  You’ve probably have heard this, but it bears repeating.  There once were 3 blind people and an elephant.  They were asked to describe what the elephant … read more.

2020 Pledge Testimonial – Mary Ann Barton

Today I’ll tell you a story from back in 2008, when the First Parish building was being renovated. Our congregation met at Kerem Shalom, the synagogue on Elm Street. My heart was heavy that year and I wanted to attend services. I couldn’t because of … read more.

2020 Pledge Testimonial – Tim Whitney

While my church-going life has been quite brief I have always believed churches, at their best, support, enhance, and change lives. And I would suspect that is the order in which many people experience church: first supportive, then life-enhancing, and ultimately life-changing.

For me it was … read more.

2020 Pledge Testimonial – Ken Reeves and Jean Chandler

Ken: I support this church financially because you are my extended family, this is my second home, and so I need to keep the lights on. I want to support the staff and all of you who, as my extended family, help raise our daughter and … read more.

2019 Pledge Testimonial – Anne Fortier

Hi I am Anne Fortier.

Thirty five years ago, when I first came here, I had been a single mother for many years. My children had entered their teen years and having had a positive church experience as a child, I set out to find a … read more.

2019 Pledge Testimonial – Phil D’Amico and Lisa Bennett

Phil: Good Morning. My name is Phil D’Amico and this is my wife Lisa Bennett. 

We began attending First Parish almost 5 years ago. This was after years of gentle prodding by my childhood friend Carolyn Copp. 

Lisa: Phil was raised Catholic and I wasn’t raised in … read more.

2019 Pledge Testimonial – CC King

Would you join me in a breath and a sigh?  [all do so]
And in a breath with a roar! [all do so]
And, with a hand on your heart if you wish, a breath with a long ‘yummy yumm’. [all do so].  Thank you.

We … read more.