Program Overview


What is a legacy gift to First Parish?

A legacy gift is a financial commitment made to First Parish now that the church will receive in the future. Some other organizations refer to these types of gifts as planned gifts. The most common legacy gifts are bequests in your will or revocable trust. When your estate is settled, that portion of your assets earmarked by you will be given to First Parish to provide support in future years.

Your legacy gift to First Parish will continue your support of our mission long beyond your lifetime. Your gift will be pooled with others made throughout our history, invested, and used to support our programs, maintain our physical infrastructure, and buffer our budget from sudden shifts in the economy. We hope you will consider making a legacy gift to First Parish.


What is the First Parish Legacy Giving Program?

The First Parish Legacy Giving Program has been established by the Trustees of Parish Donations and the Finance Committee.

Legacy gifts to First Parish are collected in the First Parish Legacy Investment Fund (formerly referred to as the endowment). This fund is managed by the Trustees of Parish Donations, an elected group of five members who meet seven or eight times a year to monitor the church’s investments, property other than the meeting house, and other assets. You can make a contribution to the First Parish Legacy Investment Fund at any time.

The Legacy Giving Program currently supports four different types of legacy gifts, including:

  • Bequests to First Parish in Concord in your will or revocable trust
  • Designating First Parish in Concord as a beneficiary of your IRA, 401(k), or other retirement account
  • Designating First Parish in Concord as a beneficiary of your life insurance policy
  • Charitable gift annuities, which provide you with a reliable income stream while you are alive, with First Parish in Concord and/or the UUA receiving the remainder at your death

There are other more complicated types of legacy gifts you can make, but you should consult with your financial advisor and attorney to determine if one of these will best meet your needs and situation.

There are 5 website pages related to the Legacy Giving Program:

And there is one form related to the program:

There is a printed guide for the program.  If you wish you may print or read from an on-line copy of these materials in the FP Legacy Giving Program Guide 3-26-2018 or pick up a printed copy of the guide in Fifi Ball’s office at First Parish. You may also view a November, 2017 set of presentation slides that describe the program: Legacy Giving FORUM Presentation Slides 11-12-17.