A Special Pilgrimage to Concord

The 2012 Keresztúr delegates have returned home safely! Here are their names. – As is their Hungarian custom, their family names precede their given (first) names –

Youths: Balogh Emő, Ciocan Ágnes, Deák Tamara, Rezi Kinga, Nagy Henrietta, Tamási Dezső

Adults: Rev. Mikó Ferenc, Palkó Zoltán, Demeter Julia, Dobos Albert & Ildikó, Lőrinczi László

Our visitors’ photos and quides to pronouncing their names, as well as links to photos from the visit are available at: ==> http://gallery.firstparish.org/gallery3/index.php/Partner-Cngn/2012-Kereszturi-Pilgrims

See the Schedule at [missing]

Many many thanks to all the members of the First Parish community who contributed so generously with their time, donations, homes, food. And also thanks to the Keresztúris who took 2 weeks out of their busy lives to be with us and help us celebrate or cherished partnership.

Nagyon szépen köszönöm mindenki! [ Many thanks to everyone! ]

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