Joining a spiritual community is an important decision, one that calls for personal discernment and commitment. When you sign the membership book of First Parish, you covenant to participate in and contribute to the life and mission of the congregation. The primary benefit of membership is to be part of an open, diverse, and inclusive community of religious seekers that support each person’s spiritual journey and who practice living in kind, compassionate, and healthy relationships with each other. As signed members of a Unitarian Universalist congregation you hold the responsibility to participate in the business of the congregation, vote at annual and special congregational meetings, pledge generously, chair committees, represent the congregation at regional and national events, plus many other benefits.

Preparing for Membership

Before making the commitment to join First Parish we encourage you to attend a number of worship services, take advantage of programs and events, get involved with a task force or committee, and sign up to receive the Meeting House News and FP-Announcements. Attend the New to Unitarian Universalism and New to First Parish orientations that are periodically offered. Explore whether your worldview, beliefs, and values resonate with Unitarian Universalism and First Parish in Concord. Consider the gifts and strengths you bring to this congregation and how this faith community might support you. Has First Parish become “your” faith community? Do you want to support the mission of First Parish in Concord and Unitarian Universalism in the world today and carry it into the future?

Becoming a Member

When you have decided that you are ready to join First Parish, sign the Membership Book in the presence of one of our Ministers. You will hear an invitation to “sign the Book” on the second Sunday of each month during the service. Mention it to the Minister on your way out  and you will be warmly welcomed by current members in the vestibule as you take this important step. At the signing you will be given a pledge card. First Parish relies upon the stewardship of its members and friends to fulfill its programs, ministries and mission. Regular financial contributions from members and friends account for over 75% of First Parish’s income.
As a member you will be paired with a “buddy” from the Membership Committee that will be available to answer any questions that you may have about being a member at First Parish: Can I sing in the choir? How much money should I contribute?

Membership as a Lifelong Journey

Membership at First Parish does not end when you sign the membership book; rather, it is a lifelong journey, full of discovery and connection. Members are encouraged to develop a strong Unitarian Universalist and First Parish identity through regular worship attendance and participation in adult religious education classes, programs, and special events. Serve in leadership positions. Participate in the relational and financial stewardship of the First Parish community and the larger world around us.


For questions or comments, contact Charles J McDonald,


Interested in getting more involved? Take a look at our “Brief Guide to First Parish” by clicking here.