The Religious Education Council is a group of lay leaders at First Parish in Concord who work in close collaboration with our Minister of Religious Education and the Religious Education staff to (1) guide how First Parish mission is lived out with our children and families; (2) provide guidance and support to our Minister of Religious Education; (3) receive guidance and support from our Minister of Religious Education; and (4) provide labor, expertise, and insights.

The Religious Education Council meets on the second Tuesday of each month 7:30 to 9:30 pm, and all are welcome.

Religious Education Council Members (as of September, 2015):

  Caroline Minkin
  Michelle Fortier  
  Jan Goddard-Taylor
  Carol Harris
  Eric Moore
  Leslie Pelton Nichol, Chair
  Val Vallancourt
  Amy Freedman, Minister of Religious Education
  Dawn Van Patten, Assistant Director of Religious Education

First Parish Religious Education Mission

Our collective mission as ministers, parents, teachers, and members of First Parish is to create a relevant religious education program which celebrates the unique qualities of our children, gives our children roots in our religious community, and provides our children with the wings that will enable them to bring their greatest talents to our world’s greatest needs. Roots, hold us close. Wings, set us free.

The Religious Education Council is chartered by the First Parish Governing Board as a Programs and Operations Group per the Policy On Congregational Groups (Last update May 11, 2014).

8.3.2 Programs and Operations groups

These groups collaborate with First Parish staff to provide guidance and support for ongoing functions and major congregational priorities, such as Religious Education, Social Action, Pastoral Care, etc. Because of this role in the life of the church, these groups receive guidance and oversight. They focus on a major area of the church’s functions and coordinate their activities with the staff and, when interests overlap, with other groups. They may also create subgroups that will support their mission and these subgroups will be overseen by the sponsoring organization. Affinity groups may become a Programs and Operations group with approval of the Head of Staff, who will inform the Governing Board of this change.