Immigration Justice Task Force

Leaders: Laurie Van Loon or Regina Corrao

Meets: the first Monday of each month at 7:00 pm.

Immigration is an extremely complex issue. It is also a moral one. Extreme violence and a changing climate in other countries have led to increased flight to the US for safety at the same time as domestic political forces are denying access to entry, and treating as criminals those already here. Federal policies have denied asylum seekers their rights, forced migrants to remain in Mexico in dangerous and life threatening conditions, and separated families including minor children at the US Mexican border.

The First Parish Immigration Justice Task Force convened in early 2017 and since then we  …

  1. Act – We call on all members of our group and First Parish in Concord to show up for justice and take action in this time of crisis. Together we confront the injustices of our immigration system. 
  2. Collaborate – We identify and collaborate with other Immigration Justice groups, formal or informal, faith and non-faith based groups, as leaders, followers and supporters. We regularly lift up these groups as share-the-plate recipients.
  3. Educate – We educate ourselves and our fellow parishioners about the immigration crisis in our country and legislation that pushes back against racism and xenophobia expressed against our immigrant neighbors in Massachusetts and beyond.

At the beginning of every church year the team updates our Strategic Goals in order to reset priorities and focus on our resources and energy. 

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Upcoming Event!

Are you noticing the changing patterns in who is coming to our border? Are you involved in immigration issues, or are you curious? You are invited to a talk “Why are they coming? The multiple roots of migration today,” by Dr. Aviva Chomsky, Sunday, March 17 at 4:30 in the Parish Hall of First Parish Concord, 20 Lexington Rd.

The First Parish Concord Immigration Task Force, The First Parish Social Action Community, and the Concord Carlisle League of Women Voters will host this event in honor of immigration activist Tony Rodriguez.

The talk will be available in person and on zoom. Zoom registration is via this link or the QR code on the poster.

Dr. Aviva Chomsky is Professor of History and coordinator of Latin American Studies at Salem State University in Massachusetts.  She has published widely on labor history, immigration and “undocumentedness’, Central America, Cuba, and Colombia.  Her most recent books include Central America’s Forgotten History: Revolution, Violence and Is Science Enough?  Forty Critical Questions about Climate Justice. She has been active in Latin American solidarity and immigrants’ rights movements for several decades.