2018 Pledge Testimonial

Good morning . . . I’m Chris Popov.  Patty and I have been attending First Parish for almost 18 years.  Well before then, before I knew that Patty was raised as a Unitarian Universalist, I mustered the good sense to ask her to lunch in 1991.  Later, a UU minister officiated at our wedding.  And, to my never-ending astonishment and joy, I have been hooked since.  Thank you, Patty, the love of my life, for bringing me and our children here.

It is that time each year for all of us to pledge an amount.  And you all know that something is always better than nothing; more better still.  As you think of that amount, please remember what First Parish means to you.  Yours truly could fill the rest of today’s service with thoughts, most of them you likely share.   But you did not show up today to hear my long list, and I can assure you my recitation would not enhance today’s service.  However, I offer one highlight.

Many of you attended the memorial service for David Grayzel, when First Parish opened it heart and its doors to a grieving family and community.  How First Parish helps at the worst of times reminded me of this institution at its best.  I submit that, while we may never know, First Parish helped, by that service, to save lives.

So, between now and Celebration Sunday on March 4—mark your calendars—please remember that your annual pledge—while it supports: this sanctuary, uplifting music, reassuring services, a good sermon every Sunday, and a lot of friendly faces, among so much more—-also helps   save   lives.    I will be at coffee hour if you would like to talk.    Thank you for listening.