The Banners Letter

The seventh and final letter in the series from various First Parish “personalities” that have appeared as inserts in the Sunday orders of service. All can be seen at


Do you remember when you first realized that you were truly part of our church? When you got that solid, warm feeling in your chest that you were in the right place—that you belonged?

Was it when you joined the First Parish crowd at Crop Walk, striding through the streets of Concord to end hunger? When a wide-eyed girl asked you what ‘prophetic’ meant while you were teaching a third-grade RE class? While cubing beef to make a stroganoff dinner to freeze for a sick or grieving parishioner? When you got a part in one of the musicals? When you learned about the power of forgiveness during a church-wide focus on absolution? When your loneliness ebbed away at a meeting for the flea market? When you knew all the words to the benediction? When your child made new friends building sand castles at Ferry Beach? Or was it simply the genuine smile of a fellow parishioner when they greeted you by name?

Look around you. We are in this wild and precious life together, quoting poetry, singing songs and trying to be our best selves. Here you can find someone who shares your passions, causes, interests, and appreciates all that you have to offer. This is your spiritual community.

Look up to the balcony, and you’ll see us hanging out.We’re The Banners—lengths of felt lettered with your church life, just some of the many groups ready to welcome you. You made us, just like you make everything happen at First Parish. We exist because you pledged to support this church financially. Thank you.

We know you get it—we’re raising this year’s $1.33 million budget faster than last year. So far, we’ve received pledges of $700,500 from 257 households, about 50 percent of the more than 500 households that are Members or Friends of First Parish. Today ends the active 2019-2020 Annual Pledge Campaign, so please hurry to make your commitment.We’ll take your pledge even if it’s after today, but please know it’s not fun to hound people.

Every pledge is generous. Thank you! We appreciate each dollar you give. If you have questions, contact pledge project manager Darien Smith, .

The Banners