These excerpts are also in the FP Weekly Newsletter.

  • Youth Support the 8th Principle (2/19/2022)

    From UU youth Satya Mamdani, age 17 (member of the UUA Article ll Study Commission):
    “As a person of color I am deeply moved by the conversations about anti-racism and anti-oppression that have resulted from the 8th principle movement. As a young person I am also excited to see the impact this project may have on the Unitarian Universalism my generation inherits. The values that the 8th Principle Project holds are important not just to Unitarian Universalism in the present, but the future of our religion as well. All of this is to say that the statement from the commission excites me as a person of color and a youth because I see our religion working towards meaningful change that is sure to benefit the generations to come.”

    Watch Satya’s discussion with Paula Cole-Jones, one of the originators of this initiative.