Church Directory Photo Session Sign-up

We will create a new church photo directory this year, the first one in six years. It’s important for everyone to participate, as this helps us stay connected and learn who our fellow parishioners are. Each person or family will receive a complimentary 8 x 10 photo and a photo directory. You’ll have the opportunity to order more photos, but there is no obligation to do so. The dates of the photography sessions are October 25 – 29, and November 1 – 5, which will be at First Parish.  Please follow the instructions below to sign up for your photography session. 

  1. Go to the Universal Church Directories website ( This link will open a new tab to the web site, so you can switch back and forth to follow the rest of these instructions.
  2. In the Login box, enter the church code ma101
  3. Enter the church password photos
  4. Click on the Enter button
  5. Click on your desired photography date
  6. Click on the Reserve Time button beside your desired photography appointment time
  7. Enter the appropriate information in all required fields (indicated by asterisks)
  8. Enter your email address to get a confirmation email
  9. Click on the Schedule Appointment button at the bottom of the screen to reserve the photography appointment time in your family’s name
  10. If you have more than six family members being photographed, please reserve two appointments consecutively (such as 6:00 and 6:10)
  11. Print the next screen to use as a reminder of your family’s photography appointment

Contact Sara Ballard at with questions, or to change or cancel your photography appointment.