Grub’s Place,a full-length musical that premiered at First Parish in 2017, is being made available to other UU congregations around the country. The show is set in an ant colony and looks at the idea of community: who’s in and who’s out. Says First Parish Director of Music, Beth Norton, “Grub’s Placewas produced and rehearsed during my sabbatical in the winter of 2017. I attended a performance as my first post-sabbatical event. What a way to return! Even though most of the cast members were well known to me, I couldn’t recognize them in their makeup!! So, for a while, I got to experience this wonderful expression of our UU values and aspirations as an outsider. And it was compelling, moving and inspiring. What a beautiful, inviting and inclusive intergenerational production.”

The show is available for other congregations to produce. The hope is that others can make the show their own and enjoy the opportunity of putting on an intergenerational production that celebrates UU values. “When I heard one of the young cast members ask the lead, Terry Rothermal—“Grub”— if they could just “hang out” once the show was over, I thought “mission accomplished,” said Jane Blumberg, the play’s author and song writer. For more information, contact Jane Blumberg. A sample of the music with video clips from the show can be found here.