First Parish Gives Me Hope – 2018 Pledge Testimonial by Kristin Moore

I support First Parish because it gives me hope.

This year, I’m a mentor for our 9th graders in their Coming of Age program, I’ve listened to their discussions. I participated in their service trip to Common Cathedral in Boston and their overnight here at the church. This group is thoughtful and caring. They support each other, and they have fun together.

I was describing them to another member at an event recently and he said Oh I had that group for OWL last year. They are a great group.

The thing is, this group didn’t just come out of nowhere. Most of them are very familiar faces at First Parish. You’ve seen them grow up. I think this group and their dynamic represents one of the important outcomes possible at First Parish.

It gives me hope that our Religious Education Program introduces our children to the diversity of cultures and wisdom in the world.

It engages them in the process of determining for themselves what they value. Our church is also a physical space that can hold special memories for them. For my daughter Ava those include

  • Candlelight services at Christmas
  • Knowing the nooks and crannies of this building

I believe these are gifts that will ground our children and broaden their experiences and thinking. In return, I know my future will benefit because there are young people like them going out into the world.

There are plenty of institutions and decision makers in our country and world that make me despair for young people, but not here. First Parish, gives me hope. Your pledge is what makes First Parish possible.