Standing Committee Covenant

(adopted August 31, 2023)

As we gather for our regular Standing Committee meeting, we covenant to remember our UU Principles and that we are here to represent the congregation of First Parish in Concord.

We covenant to

  • Listen respectfully with an open heart.
  • Publicly support Standing Committee decisions and honor the decision-making
    process, even if we disagree.
  • Take the time to hear everyone’s thoughts and opinions, including the
  • Be open-minded and curious; we welcome respectful questions.
  • Respect disagreement and try to work through it.
  • Make space and take space so everyone’s voices can be heard.
  • Be open and flexible to change.
  • Encourage direct communication from the congregation and with each other.
  • Practice compassion for ourselves and each other.
  • Enjoy being together and have fun.
  • Maintain appropriate confidentiality.