Archives: Testimonials

Wendy Wolfberg

For over thirty years I have been connected to this amazing church and its people, healing and growing, exploring and helping – a place to grow wings and try them out.

David Ropeik

My commitment to the First Parish family challenges me to live a better life.

Edye Benedict

We have such an amazing time and I’ve honestly created beautiful memories with the people I’ve met at First Parish.

Edye Benedict

First Parish gives me a family and that family has always been there for me.

Alec Walker

A decade ago, when heavy challenges came, what could have been the gates of hell opened up to reveal to us First Parish as angels.

Doug Hardy & Roselyn Romberg

Music Director Beth Norton knows that music gives more than pleasure. For the spiritual, it’s a doorway to the divine.

Kristin Haddad

I am excited that when a new family crosses First Parish’s threshold, they are invited to engage in this community.

Jane Blumberg

I think of my limitations of perspective as rocks in a river. First Parish helps me move them.

Toby Smith Ropeik

First Parish is a special place; we welcome everyone.