Our Mission

The activities of our Social Action Community (SAC) are based on the Seven Principles of Unitarian Universalism and our mission statement. We aim to strike a balance between focusing our energies on social justice themes chosen by the congregation and welcoming new ideas generated by individuals. We value community, collaboration and inclusive engagement.

What We Do

First Parish in Concord currently gives 7.5% of its annual budget to support social justice. The lay-led SAC Board administers grants with support from the SAC Director.

The SAC Board and SAC Director also oversee more than 20 programs whereby congregants engage in many different types of social justice action and advocacy.

For annual reports of the activities of the Social Action Community, click here.

During the 2015-2016 church year and with support from the SAC Director and the Standing Committee, the SAC Board researched, evaluated and formulated a pilot plan for guiding future social action and giving at First Parish. A report on the work was compiled to explain:

  • The recent history of Social Action at First Parish
  • Why we undertook the project
  • What our research entailed
  • What other churches do
  • Our proposed pilot for the next two years

The full text of this report, Looking at Social Action, is available here and at the church office. Please review it, learn more about alternative models, digest it, and let us know if you are interested in getting involved! Email socialaction@firstparish.org with questions, or for more information.

Who We Are

Many congregants are active in making our Social Action Community vibrant.

Feel free to contact any one of the SAC Board members below for further information on how to get involved in social justice work at First Parish.

Ted Bayne: tedbayne@comcast.net

Bob Brack: brackrobert@gmail.com

Wendy Holt: wendyh@dmahealth.com

Tony Rodriguez: trod.rodriguez@gmail.com

Margie King Saphier: margie.king.saphier@gmail.com

Sue St. Croix: sue@suestcroix.com