Connecting to First Parish in Concord’s Social Action Groups

Women’s reproductive rights, Human rights, Environmental/Climate action, Immigrations Justice, Racial Justice, Democracy and Elections, Women’s Parish Association, LGBTQ+ Justice are represented by social action groups at First Parish in Concord.  They publish their meetings and events in FP Weekly and often can be found at tabling during coffee hour after Sunday services.  You can join! Find out more about the social action groups HERE.  

Connecting to the Greater World of UU Social Action

Check out an impressive list of local, national, and international UU entities with resources, events, actions, workshops, working groups, connections, associations, trips, and more HERE .

Study Up on the Issues of First Parish in Concord’s Major Justice Areas

want to get up to speed on the background information for the justice issues that First Parish in Concord’s social action groups pursue?  Find some resources HERE.


UUA Widening the Circle of Concern 5-Year Implementation Plan 

“The UUA is preparing to present a five-year implementation plan to take up recommendations in Widening the Circle of Concern…The UUA is already adapting its policies and practices to embody its antiracist and anti-oppressive commitments and urges congregations and other UU organizations to do the same. ‘This is not just another initiative,’ said UUA Executive Vice President Carey McDonald. ‘It’s at the center of all our initiatives for the coming years. It’s the foundation.’”—”UUA will present five-year institutional change plan,” UU World, Spring 2021.  Read about the UUA Commission on Institutional Change’s report, Widening the Circle of Concern: