Since its founding in 1636, First Parish in Concord has served members of its congregation, served the Town of Concord and the surrounding area, and served the wider world.  One of the original Standing Order churches founded by Puritans from England, First Parish in Concord is the fifteenth oldest church in New England.  Its mission today is to provide a home for liberal religion, to connect people of all ages, to promote social justice causes, and to sustain itself for future generations.  As a member congregation of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA), First Parish in Concord joins over one thousand other congregations in promoting Unitarian Universalist values in the world.  Having stood in the same location for the last 380 years, First Parish in Concord proudly claims its place as a force for good in Concord and the surrounding towns.  Two thirds of our members reside in Concord, the rest live in Maynard, Acton, Lincoln, Carlisle, Sudbury, Bedford, and other towns.