2023-24 Pledge Campaign


2023 Pledge Testimonial – Jennifer Izzo

Hello. My name is Jennifer Izzo. I live in Acton, with my 3 teenage sons and husband. I first started coming to First Parish in the final years of Gary and Jenny’s ministry. I was fortunate to hear Gary’s so-called Greatest Hits sermons. They blew … read more.

2023 Pledge Testimonial – Eric Moore

It’s testimonial season at First Parish and we testifiers have a prompt: What keeps you involved and coming back?

There’s a simple explanation. First Parish is part of where I live, it’s my neighborhood. I just show up. I just show up and it’s just good … read more.

2022 Pledge Testimonial – Jack Nevison

Our family’s connection to First Parish begins with the story of my eight-year-old daughter, Susannah, expressing an interest in going to church. Because my wife is a lapsed Catholic, this task fell to me, a lapsed Methodist.

After some neighborhood inquiries, it looked like First Parish … read more.

2022 Pledge Testimonial – Teresa Hubscher-Younger

Good morning! My name is Teresa Hubscher-Younger.

You might have heard my name before because I volunteer to help with the Zoom chat with Jan Power. I find that particularly rewarding, because my first experience with First Parish was through Zoom. I explored and joined First … read more.

2022 Pledge Testimonial – Sydney Haddad

Hey, I’m Sydney! I was asked to think about connections, which is a daunting task. The list is overwhelming. Attending RE, Choir, Ferry Beach, and Mother-child book club are some of the ways I started to connect with others. I saw book club members at … read more.

2022 Pledge Testimonial – Sara Ballard

My story is a familiar one, and many of you probably have a similar one. My husband Stoney and I first came here so our children could attend Sunday school, but we ended up staying for ourselves.

Our six-year-old son, Rick, told me that when he … read more.

2021 Pledge Testimonial – Lillian Anderson

Good morning.  I’m so glad to be with you today to share some of the memories of this place that I love so much, First Parish in Concord.  You know, I’m sure if each of you were asked, you would remember the first time you … read more.

2021 Pledge Testimonial – Bruce Blumberg

Hi I am Bruce Blumberg, and I want to take a couple of minutes to talk about what First Parish means to me. Wasn’t last week’s service great? And it revealed an essential truth: being part of First Parish has the potential to fundamentally change … read more.

2021 Pledge Testimonial – Anna Whitney

I, like so many, have struggled through Covid-19. I’m lucky enough to be part of a wonderful school that I truly love. I transferred in during 10th grade and became deeply enmeshed in the community, but considered my time to be limited and precious given … read more.

2021 Pledge Testimonial – Leah Russell

I miss being together with you all!

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Leah Russell and I grew up in the UU tradition.  Several years ago, when it was time to find my UU church for my family, I knew it … read more.