Welcome to our web pages for the Transylvania Partnership Community (TPC) which fosters and promotes our relationship with our Unitarian partner congregation in Székelykeresztúr, one of the more than 120 Hungarian Unitarian congregations in Transylvania (Romania).  Our Partner Congregation Committee (PCC) is the body which facilitates and coordinates the activities of our Transylvanian Partnership Community through various programs.

Mission – The TPC promotes, supports and enables the deepening of the relationships between our historic spiritual communities in Concord Massachusetts and Székelykeresztúr Transylvania. more

Goals – To achieve our mission, we have established the overall “goals” for Connecting, Covenanting and Communicating.  more

Current Scholarship Initiative:  2017 – 2018 Keresztúr Student Scholarships

Many thanks to all our generous donors who make it possible for these deserving students, most of whom come from rural villages, to get a high school education

We are preparing for our 21st year helping deserving students be able to go to the Unitarian high school in Székelykeresztúr.

Our scholarship donations offset 1/2 to 1/3 of their room and board costs in the school dormitory.

Stay tuned for news about the need for new donors to support this year’s incoming freshmen, and for information for donors for continuing students about sending in your donations for the upcoming academic year.

[Our Scholarship Committee Co-Chairs, Rodger Mattlage and Kathy Spang Welcome comments, questions and suggestions.]


Current Pilgrimage Initiative:  2018 April Pilgrimage to Székelykeresztúr

The Partner Congregation Committee (PCC) and Rev. Amy Freedman, Minister of Religious Education, are excited to announce that in collaboration with our partner congregation in Székelykeresztúr, our next Transylvanian multi-generational pilgrimage to our partner congregation in Székelykeresztúr will be leaving either Thursday or Friday, April 12 or 13, and returning on Monday, April 23, 2018.

Click the following link to the current draft of our itinerary: April 2018 Itinerary.
Hopefully it will give you a good sense of what you will experience when you join us!!

The cost will be $1,800 – $2,200 per person (largely driven by airfares). This multigenerational pilgrimage is open to all congregation members, individuals and families alike.  Scholarship assistance is available by contacting Amy.

There is still time to register to join Howard, Beth, Amy, Dawn, and fourteen other adults, youth, and children who have already signed up.

To learn more, please join us for an informational meeting on Sunday, September 24th from 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. in the Emerson Room.

If you are interested or have questions, please contact:
Lillian Anderson @ lillianand@comcast.net, or
Rev. Amy Freedman @ afreedman@Firstparish.org.


In Memoriam: Ursula Kristoffy

Our congregation and its Transylvania Partnership Community is holding Ursula Kristoffy and her family in our hearts, thoughts and prayers.  She died peacefully on July 31st of ovarian cancer in hospice in Wayland, Massachusetts.

Ursula (together with her husband Ivan) was a long-time supporter of our partnership with our extended family in the Hungarian Unitarian congregation in Székelykeresztúr, Transylvania.  She traveled there numerous times, starting in 1996 when she and Iván visited and started the Concord-Székelykeresztúr Student Scholarship Program.  The program provides essential support making it possible for Hungarian minority students from rural villages to cover the costs of room and board in the dormitory at the Unitarian high school in Székelykeresztúr.

We cherish our memories of our times with Ursula as do her many friends in Transylvania.

Donations in Ursula’s memory will be gratefully accepted by the First Parish Transylvania Partnership Community to which Ursula and Ivan devoted so much of their love, energy, time and financial support.  To donate, please click the green “Donate Now” on the left side of this webpage, and in the Memo to First Parish box it is essential to type “Ursula Kristoffy Memorial Fund”. Alternatively, check donations can be sent to First Parish, 20 Lexington Road, Concord, MA, 01742 and made to “First Parish in Concord”, and again it is essential to write “Ursula Kristoffy Memorial Fund” in the memo line.  For international donations, please email fball@firstparish.org to request instructions.

Ursula’s full obituary in the Concord Journal can be found at:  http://tinyurl.com/y9ubkwvq


Programs and ActivitiesIt is through our day to day practices, and our programs and activities that we realize our partnership Mission and Goals.

Our Transylvania Partnership Programs page has more information, including the following:

Partner Congregation Committee Members

Lillian Anderson (Co-Chair)Iván Kristóffy (Chair Emeritus)
Rodger Mattlage (Co-Chair)
Linda Benua
Beth Norton (Staff Liason)Dana Booth
Sara Ballard (Communications)
Kathy Booth
Pat BrinkmanPeggy Claybrook 
Ellen Crompton Darien Smith 
   Katalin (Kathy) Spang 


Past initiatives:

==> We have a new Partner Minister in Székelykeresztúr, Rev. Csaba Tódor
== >     > Please click http://bit.ly/fppcc-csaba2 to see photos and information about him, his wife Éva and three daughters,

==>  Our 3rd Quadrennial Visit of Keresztúris – Sept. 2012
== >     > See more at http://gallery.firstparish.org/gallery3/index.php/Partner-Cngn/2012-Kereszturi-Pilgrims

==>  Our 5th Bi-Annual Youth Service Pilgrimage – July 2011

== >     > See photos at http://gallery.firstparish.org/gallery3/index.php/Partner-Cngn/YSP-2011

==>· Transylvania Culture and Music Pilgrimage – Oct. 2010
== >     >Our Partner Congregation Programs page has more information

==>  First Parish hosts UUPCC Executive Board meetings and pot luck supper – March 2010
==>     > Our Partner Congregation Programs page has more information

==>   Balázs Scholar  and family visit First Parish and other New England congregations – Jan. 2010
==>     > Our Partner Congregation Programs page has more information

==>  Keresztúr Terrace Commemoration – Nov. 2009
==>     >photos of the dedication ceremonies for our Meeting House renovations

==>  The Astonishing Gift from our Partner Church in Székelykeresztur – Oct. 2009
==>     >– See UUA World.Org Article

==>   Photos of the Friendship House dedication services, events and celebrations – Sept. 2009




The Transylvania Partnership Community (TPC) promotes, supports and enables the deepening of the relationships between our historic spiritual communities in Concord Massachusetts and Székelykeresztúr Transylvania.

We are ever mindful of the common threads that bind us closely together.

So too are we mindful of our differences and seek ways to transform them into new levels of shared strength and hope.

We continue to deepen our circles of mutual trust and understanding of what it means to be Unitarians across continents, languages and cultures.

We visit each other to experience first hand the richness of our unique perspectives and histories.

We exchange ideas and gifts to enrich the life and spirit of each of our congregations.



We have established the following goals to help us achieve the mission:

Connecting – To bring together people interested in our partner church and Transylvania, including Choir Pilgrims, Youth Service Pilgrims, student scholarship program supporters, donors, and so on.

Covenanting – To take the initial steps toward possibly establishing a covenant between our two communities church, whereby our expectations of and promises to each other will be laid out and understood by both partners.

Communicating — To educate and inform fellow First Parishioners about the purpose of our partnership, the activities and needs of our friends in Székelykeresztúr, and how we can all grow in our understanding of each other. We will do this through well-organized lists and more frequent communications to interested parishioners.

[Rodger Mattlage , our webmaster welcomes comments, questions and suggestions.]