“Good Friday”

Rev. Howard N. Dana

“Maundy Thursday”

Rev. Howard N. Dana

“Palm Sunday and Passover”

Rev. Howard N. Dana

“Universal Connections”

Youth Group

“One Year of COVID-19”

Rev. Liz Weber

“Celebration Sunday”

Rev. Howard N. Dana

“Meeting in the Realm of Science”

Rev. Howard N. Dana

“Justice and Joy”

Rev. Mary Margaret Earl

“Warming Up to Humanism”

Rev. Howard N. Dana

“Growing Up Humanist”

Rev. Amy Freedman, Rev. Liz Weber

“We Are Not All the Same”

Rev. Howard N. Dana

“Unitarianism and Colonialism”

Jade Sylvan

“A Religion for One World”

Rev. Amy Freedman

Our January worship theme is our Interfaith Roots. Rev. Amy Freedman will explore how the bold experiment of the Charles Street Meeting House in Boston changed our religious movement. How does universal religion live on today? How can the vision of one humanity and one planet challenge and inspire us as we enter a new year?

Join us from home on Sunday, December 20, at 10:00 a.m. on YouTube or by registering for our Zoom webinar.