Much of the work of the church is done by you – members, friends, and visitors of First Parish. Without your gifts of time, talent, and vision we would not be the vibrant religious community that you find when you walk through the meetinghouse doors.

Help support your community by volunteering on a committee, task force, or one-time volunteer opportunity.If you are interested in becoming involved, please contact the church office or email the contact associated with each opportunity described below.

Get Involved at First Parish: Volunteer Opportunities

Caring Connection

Contact: TBD

The Caring Connection helps support members and friends of the congregation by making shawls, offering rides, cooking meals, meal delivery, writing cards, or spending time with congregants.

Herb Garden Volunteers

Contact: TBD

Herb garden volunteers help maintain the Deborah Webster Greeley Herb Garden, located on the lower church grounds beyond the chapel. Through sales of herbs and herbal treats at occasional coffee hours and special fundraisers, and with an annual gift from the Women’s Parish Association, the gardening team provides supplies as needed for the garden. The volunteers participate in several work days during the year, and take responsibility for watering and weeding. If you are interested in helping out in the herb garden, please contact us. The garden is available for receptions and photo opportunities. These events are scheduled through the church office by Bruce Davidson.

New Member and Visitor Welcomer

Each Sunday during the coffee hour volunteers welcome visitors, answer questions, and, as requested, help people new to the congregation find their way on the path to membership.

Office Support Volunteers

Contact: Sarah Burns, Church Administrator

The church office relies upon regular volunteer office staff to assist with answering weekday telephone calls and directing visitors. Additional volunteers are needed to stuff, label, and seal envelopes four to six times per year. If you are interested in a regular spot at the front desk (a 3-hour, recurring shift), or would be willing to substitute for any volunteers when they call out, please contact Sarah Burns. No prior office experience is required, and a quick rundown of the phone system can be provided.

Ushers and Sound System Operators

Contact: TBD

The ushers and sound system operators provide assistance at all worship services. Greets those arriving for worship services. Ushers rotate duties, serving once a month; sound system operators supervise the public address system and record the services on CDs.

Help Out Over Time: Committees and Councils

Diversity Committee

Contact: Sara Ballard

The Diversity Committee educates and raises awareness in the congregation about issues of sexual orientation, gender identity, racism, ableism, classism and sexism, and advocates for specific steps to foster a sense of inclusion for all parishioners and newcomers.

Ferry Beach Planning Committee

Contact: Darien Smith

Arranges for the Parish’s annual spring weekend outing to the Ferry Beach Camp and Conference Center on the beach in Saco, Maine. This is a great social event for individuals and families, and is shared with First Parish in Lexington.

Finance Committee

Contact: Jane Barnes

The purpose of the Finance Committee is to assist the Treasurer and Standing Committee in their efforts to support the Head of Staff and the Director of Operations in matters relating to congregational priorities and finance.

Flower Committee

Contact: Ellen Whitney

Handles the flower arrangements that grace the sanctuary and the chapel at every service, and for the many gatherings, celebrations, and special occasions held in the parish hall. Volunteers help to arrange the flowers, which are often memorials and which are frequently drawn from local gardens.

Green Sanctuary / Environmental Action Team

Contact: Peter Lowitt

The EAT formed in 2010 as an extension of our Green Sanctuary accreditation in 2009. In keeping with our UU principles and benediction, the EAT is working to help our congregation find ways to respond effectively to a variety of environmental issues. Click here to learn more.

Humanist Council

Contact: TBD

The goal of the First Parish Humanist Council is to strengthen the voice of Humanism in First Parish, through informative and social meetings. The Council cooperates with the Concord Area Humanist (CAH) group and its meetings under the umbrella of the First Parish’s Wright Tavern Center for Spiritual Development. The CAH is affiliated with both the Unitarian Universalist HUUmanists and the American Humanist Association. The group inclusively brings together various non-supernatural lifestances that emphasize humanity’s responsibility for what happens around us.

Ministerial Intern Committee

Contact: Sue Ryan

Responsible for screening and selecting a ministerial intern for First Parish, and then providing support to that person throughout the intern year. The committee meets monthly with the intern, gives feedback on sermons and other worship activities, serves as a sounding board, and in general, provides the intern with a supportive community. As a large teaching congregation, First Parish is in a strong position to help develop future ministers for our denomination.

Music Events Committee

Contact: Rob Hamilton

Develops and facilitates musical programs and events at First Parish to feed us spiritually, strengthen our sense of community, expand our musical horizons and offer a gateway to the wider community.

Nominating Committee*

Contact: Eric Moore

The Nominating Committee is responsible for preparing a slate of candidates to be voted at the
Annual Meeting, including but not limited to:

  • Standing Committee Members-at-Large
  • Clerk
  • Treasurer
  • Moderator

Members of the Nominating Committee select candidates for nomination from among Members of First Parish, based on the following criteria:

  • The current and future needs of the Standing Committee, including the skills and experience of current members;
  • The current and future composition of the Standing Committee, with consideration toward achieving a diverse representation of the Congregation;
  • Individual knowledge and interest in the specific duties of the Standing Committee, including (but not limited to) Collaborative Governance;
  • History of participation in service to the Congregation.

Partner Congregation Committee

Contact: Lillian Anderson

Promotes the exchange of clergy, parishioners, and resources between First Parish and the Unitarian Church of Székelykeresztúr in Transylvania, the birthplace of Unitarianism. These exchanges, between two historic churches on different continents and between congregations speaking different languages in different cultures, enrich the life and worship of both congregations and deepen our mutual understanding of what it means to be Unitarian.

Pastoral Care Lay Ministers

Contact: Diane Clapp

Assist the ministers as they companion parishioners who are in need of spiritual and emotional support during hospitalizations, bereavement and long-term illnesses. They also offer support to elders, caregivers and families in crisis.

Pastoral Care Council

Contact: Judy Dembsey

The mission of the Pastoral Care Council is to work with the pastoral care ministers and promote the pastoral care networks of First Parish to extend and strengthen their reach. Council members work in collaboration with the senior minister and the ministerial intern to ensure that the pastoral care ministries at First Parish are vital and strong.

Shawl Ministry

Contact: Ingrid Wheeler

The Shawl Ministry offers shawls to members and friends of the congregation in order to provide congregational comfort and support to those who are experiencing a time of loss, difficult transition, illness or injury. Many hands can be involved in creating a “Share a Shawl” which works well for those just starting out (lessons are offered at the Tuesday gatherings) or with limited time, but most shawls and lap blankets are knit by individuals. Some folks attend the Shawl Ministry monthly meetings on the second Tuesday of each month from 2:00-5:00 p.m. in the Brooks Room. Others knit or crochet shawls or blankets on their own. Shawls/blankets are created with the intention of kindness, fellowship, support and love. All are welcome to the monthly group meetings, or to contribute a shawl by contacting Ingrid Wheeler at If you would like a shawl, please contact Rev. Liz Weber at

Standing Committee*

Contact: Peter Nobile

Composed of eleven members, including the Clerk and the Treasurer, this elected committee is responsible for conduct of the business affairs and control of the administration of First Parish.

The Standing Committee meets monthly at First Parish. Members of First Parish are invited to attend.

Transcendentalism Council

Contact: Shelley Hawks

As an historical hub for the development of Transcendentalism in the 19th century, First Parish continues as a location for the study of this important philosophy. The Council, a member of the Concord Historical Collaborative, develops and plans events to expand the understanding of Transcendentalism today. The council meets as needed to plan events.

Trustees of Parish Donations*

Contact: Philip vanderWilden

A five-member elected committee charged with supervision of the property of First Parish, including the historic buildings adjacent to the meeting house, and the endowed funds.

Women’s Parish Association

Contact: Janey Bailey and Carol Boris

Founded in 1881, the WPA continues to be a large, active organization. It promotes the educational, charitable, and religious interests of First Parish. Meetings are scheduled once a month from September through May, and generally include speakers who address a wide variety of topics. Two major fund-raising events are held each year, with the profits given to special parish projects, as well as educational and charitable activities within the community and the denomination. The WPA is a member of the national Unitarian Universalist Women’s Federation.

Womens’ Retreats Planning Team

Contact: Bozena Smith

The First Parish Women’s Retreats provide a setting for women to gather and talk, listen, play (indoors and out), write, sing, enjoy great food, talk some more, and create and deepen friendships within the community. Women wishing to attend can choose one of two late-January weekends (2 nights) in a cozy old retreat house in Connecticut or a shorter “mini-retreat” at First Parish (date tba).


*Committees that are appointed or elected are denoted with an asterisk.