Pledge Letter

Fifth  in a series of letters to First Parish about this year’s pledge campaign and would normally have appeared as an insert in the March 22, Sunday order of service, but now will be sent via email. All are being posted on:

What inspires you to pledge at First Parish?

I’m interested because it’s my genesis; you create me anew each year to build a beautiful family of pledges.

Last week, I heard a parishioner share from the chapel pulpit why she’s moved to financially support the church. She’s made me every year for nearly 17 years, and this year, she felt compelled to go big. Here’s part of what she had to say:

“What’s the right pledge number for a retired, one-person household whose portfolio just got clobbered in the market? I considered not only my needs but our wider sphere of influence. We are at a watershed moment in this country—the kind of time when people and institutions are tested—and I want to keep this institution thriving.

Things will get worse before they get better. But we will help each other get through it. I know if I become ill with the coronavirus someone from this church will leave one of the dinners in the freezer here outside my door—or be kind to me in some other way. Because as an elder in First Parish explained to me, the opposite of independence isn’t dependence—it’s community. And as a community, we will meet the challenges ahead together. We will UU the vote, advocate for people and planet—we will be part of the solution. That’s invaluable.

So I will meet the 520 challenge and increase my pledge by $10 a week or $520 a year. I’ve got at least a $10-a-week-chocolate-chip-cookie habit so it’s win-win if I give them up to benefit First Parish.”

To date,  you’ve promised an impressive $590,000 in pledges from 184 number of families—yet it’s only 42% of what we need.

Thank you! Every pledge is welcome. We appreciate the generosity of each dollar you give.

If you’d like to make one of me—we pledges come in all sizes— you can do so online at>, or use the Pledge Now button on any page of the FP website: or by email to Fifi Ball: Or, if you prefer phone, dial 978-369-9602 x456. Fifi is working from home, but she’ll get your pledge message so include a call back number for any questions. We’ll all be so grateful.

With love from your offspring,