Month-to-month governance of the congregation falls to the elected Standing Committee working in collaboration with the Senior Minister. The Standing Committee has nine members plus the Clerk and Treasurer, and members are elected for three-year terms, with the possibility of serving two terms. The Standing Committee internally elects its Chair.

All members of the Standing Committee have liaison duties to various committees of the church. Additionally, the Standing Committee supervises the Senior Minister and evaluates his or her work each year. The Standing Committee also evaluates its own work, with input from the Senior Minister.

Unitarian Universalist congregations practice congregational polity, a form of governance for communities of faith. More about our collaborative leadership structure.

The Standing Committee, composed of eleven members including the Clerk and the Treasurer, is elected by the First Parish congregation and responsible for strategic visioning and the conduct of its business affairs.


Members At Large

  Gib Metcalf, Chair    
  Virginia Taylor, Vice Chair        
  Michael Beer        
  Lisa Bennett        
  CC King    
  Caroline Washburn Minkin        
  Jim Reynolds    
  Liz Rust    
  Susan See        


  Jennifer Izzo, Clerk        
  Leah Russell, Treasurer         
  Tom Wilson, Moderator    


The Standing Committee meets monthly on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 PM. Meetings take place either at First Parish or via Zoom. Members of First Parish are invited to attend.

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Standing Committee Covenant 

Governing Policies

Standing Committee 2023 Ends Statement

Meeting Minutes

Belonging Team Report to the Standing Committee